Short films night

If theatre begins at the cloakroom, then cinema begins with shorts. 118 years ago the history of cinema began with a short film by the brothers lumière, “the arrival of the train at la Ciotat”. and as if film and technology had not changed since then, young directors all over the world still begin their careers with short films.

Alas, full-length films have completely driven away the short film from the big screens, and only festivals offer an opportunity to see these laconic stories which, at times, are deeper and more intelligent than a three-hour blockbuster. the jubilee edition of eurasia pays tribute to the short film during a “night of Shorts”.

“Night of Shorts” opens with the first sci-fi film in the history of cinema, “a trip to the moon” by Georges méliès. the first section includes the debut films of masters of Soviet cinema. Spectators have a chance to see the first films of such directors as andrei tarkovsky (“murderers”), andrei Konchalovsky (“the boy and the pigeon”) and Stanislav Govorukhin (“the pharmacist”).

In the second section spectators will be able to get acquainted with the most interesting shorts created by Kazakh directors Gulzhan baimukhamedova (“milk”), aktolgai tuleu (“mask”), and almas bektibaev (“old Salt”).

The “night of Shorts” concludes with screenings of a recognized masterpiece of short film, a watershed film for the world of art-house, “meshes of the afternoon” by maya deren and alexander hammid.