Dynamic kazakh cinema

Since its foundation, the international film festival eurasia has differed from many film-forums in the multiplicity of its tasks. a key purpose of eurasia is to attraction the attention of audiences and professionals to the Kazakh film industry. therefore, every year the non-competition programme “dynamic Kazakh Cinema” is presented to huge crowds. this program allows the audience to familiarize themselves with the full variety of domestic cinema, including auteur films and mainstream.

This year the program “dynamic Kazakh Cinema” includes six films, two of which Kazakh spectators will see for the first time. The film “adventure” by nariman turebaev has been shown only once, at the film festival in Karlovy vary; consequently the screening in the context of eurasia can be called exclusive.

The second premiere in the program “dynamic Kazakh Cinema” is rashid Suleimenov’s “a Journey home” with the participation of Kazakh film stars Sanzhara madieva and aruzhan dzhazilbekov.

Besides the above-mentioned films, the non-competition program includes three independent films which have been successful in Kazakh distribution: “he&She”, by Saken zholdas, “beware, a cow!” By askar uzabayev, and “Kempir” by yermek tursunov. The sphere of auteur cinema on the level of the film “adventure” is represented by the unique creative experiment: the first full-length film of Kazakhstan which has been made in a single shot: “Story of an old Woman” by alexey Gorlov.