Shaken Aimanov's 100th Anniversary

The Festival's 10th year will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Shaken Aimanov, Kazakhstan's great director and actor, USSR People's Artist. His anniversary is included in the UNESCO's Calendar of Commemorative Dates and Events.

As a tribute to the director, who firmly established the film industry in Kazakhstan, a range of events will be held in the festival scope:

  • A premiere of Bulat Nussimbekov's documentary 'Shaken Aimanov'
  • A retrospective screenings of Aimanov's best films - Our Loveable Doctor, Angel in Taqiyah, Land of the Fathers, The Chieftain's End, and Yefim Dzigan's 'Djambul' starring Shaken Aimanov
  • Presentation of the book album on Shaken Aimanov's life and films
  • Commemoration meeting

Shaken Aimanov started his career in 1933, when he moved to Almaty as an aspiring actor invited by Gabit Musrepov (Kazakh playwright) to join the Kazakh Drama Theater company. Over his years in theater, Aimanov performed in dozens of theatrical shows, playing Akan Seri, Issatai Taimanov, Aldar Kosse, Koblandy (characters from Kazakh history, epic poems and fairy-tales), Otello and many other roles. In 1947, he became the theater's director and artistic administrator, producing performances based on plays of Ostrovsky, Musrepov, Auezov, and many other playwrights.

He combined his work in the theater with cinematic gigs. His debuted in a scene of Amangheldy, the first feature film shot in Kazakhstan. In 1954, Aimanov made The Daughter of the Steppe, his first film as a director (with Karl Gakkel). From that year on until his tragic death, Shaken Aimanov devoted to the development of Kazakh cinema, directing Beardless Trickster, Land of the Fathers, Our Loveable Doctor, Angel in Taqiyah, which all became national cinematic treasure.

Ашылу салтанатының фильмі - «Атамекен», КСРО, 1966 ж., реж. Шәкен Айманов.