Complimentary address by Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Muhamediuly to the participants and guests of the 10th Eurasia International Film Festival

Dear Festival participants and guests,

I am happy to welcome you in hospitable Kazakhstan!

Owing to positive policies of the Republic of Kazakhstan's First President and Nation' s Leader Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, our country becomes a platform for the important global-scale events.

In view of political and economic significance of such events as OSCE Summit, World and Traditional Religious Leaders Convention, Astana Economic Forum, as well as Astana EXPO-2017 - an ambitious exhibition of innovative technologies of the future, cultural events are as important for Kazakhstan's positioning in the modern world.

The Eurasia International Film Festival is one of such events. A priority of state strategy, cultural policies foster patriotism of Kazakhstanis, and strengthen core national values by cherishing traditions, languages and arts of the peoples of Kazakhstan in cooperation with the world' leading industry organizations.

UNESCO, international organization renowned for its contribution to the world' cultural heritage preservation and acclaimed for its special peacemaking and civilizatory mission, included the 100th anniversary of prominent Kazakh filmmaker Shaken Aimanov in its Commemorative Dates Calendar.

The Eurasia Film Festival's 10th edition will be held in honor of his anniversary, too. I hope that you will have a chance to appreciate the talents of this great man, who opened Kazakh cinema to the world.

I wish all the success to the Festival guests and participants!

Complimentary address by Mayor of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yesimov to the participants and guests of the 10th Eurasia International Film Festival

Dear participants and guests,

Welcome to Almaty, our hospitable and modern city, Central Asia's economic, educational and cultural center.

Since Kazakhstan's independence, Almaty gained considerable success in all social and economic aspects, and continues its dynamic development, reaching the goals set. In the context of the city development, arts and culture, and film industry in particular, were always in the focus of our attention.

This year, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first ever Kazakh film director, outstanding actor, screenwriter, and a prominent public figure Shaken Aimanov. His films now belong to the treasury of Kazakhstani and world cinema. His contribution to the world culture is marked by the UNESCO, which included his 100th anniversary in its 2023 Commemorative Dates and Events Calendar.

I am sure that the 10th Eurasia International Film Festival will become a celebration of cinematic arts, and that it will discover new young talents deserving to be successors of Shaken Aimanov's lifework.

I wish all the success to the festival guests and participants, and I wish good films and ultimate cinematic experience to the audience of the Eurasia IFF!

Address to the 10th Eurasia International Film Festival Contestants and Guests by Kazakhfilm Studios JSC President Yermek Amanshayev

Dear Festival participants and guests,

On behalf of Kazakhstan's filmmakers I would like to welcome you to the 10th edition of Eurasia International Film Festival and thank you for your participation.

The Festival celebrates its anniversary as the only Central Asian cinema event accredired by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF). Moreover, the International Film Guide put the Eurasia IFF on the Top 35 World's Leading Film Festivals list, which is a great achievement.

Over the past few years, the Kazakhstan's film industry moved to a totally new level and is a part of the global film community now.

With the constant support of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan's film industry enjoys dynamic growth.

The 10th Eurasia Film Festival will celebrate the 100th anniversary of prominent Kazakh actor and director Shaken Aimanov, the founding father of the Kazakh film industry. UNESCO has included his anniversary in its Commemorative Events and Dates Calendar. The Festival will feature a number of events commemorating Aimanov's life and works, including a retrospective screening of his films, a presentation of a book album, and an opening night of the documentary ''Shaken Aimanov: A Man and the Legend'.

This year, the Festival program directors received a record 180 competition entries from over 30 countries. 12 films were traditionally selected for the competition. Apart from the main competition, the following out-of-competition programs will be held: Shaken Aimanov's100th Anniversary, 30 Years of Kazakh New Wave, Cinema Bridge: East – West, Korean Cinema Days, Short Films Night, Stars of Shaken Presents, as well as traditionally held Special Event and Dynamic Kazakh Cinema programs.

I would like to emphasize that Eurasia IFF's business component is as important as its artistic one. International promotion of Kazakh films at film markets, top festivals and cinema forums is our priority. Therefore, year after year, leading film critics and representatives of major international film institutions from Asia and Europe come to take part in the Festival.

The Eurasia IFF's concept is based on its host country's geopolitical situation at the crossroads of cultures of the East and West. That is why the Festival's Competition features the best cinematic works from Europe, Asia and CIS countries. I wish you all fruitful work at our anniversary Festival. Let's celebrate the art of film!

Complimentary address by Director of the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty For Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Sergei Lazarev to the participants and guests of the 10th Eurasia International Film Festival

Dear participants and guests of the film festival!

I have the pleasure of congratulating us all on celebrating the international decade for the rapprochement of Cultures declared by the united nations for 2022–2022. It is, undoubtedly, a major achievement of Kazakhstani diplomacy, since it is Kazakhstan that has taken the initiative, following the successful year of rapprochement of Cultures celebrated in 2010. The international decade for the rapprochement of Cultures is designed to promote further efforts of the world community that aim to strengthen the dialogue between various cultures, religions and civilizations. As the unesco is the only establishment of the system of the united nations organization with a concrete mandate in the field of culture, the General assembly has assigned to our organization the role of the leading establishment of the united nations to manage the decade on a global scale.

As you know, UNESCO has included the centenary of the well-known Kazakh director Shaken aimanov into its official calendar of memorial dates and events. Therefore, we are delighted that the central event of the forthcoming jubilee edition of the film festival eurasia is the celebration of the centenary of the birth of this outstanding Kazakh director.

Cinema is one of the major and most popular art forms, which has a huge influence on human life and on the development of world culture. aimanov’s films teach the spectator about humanity and tolerance, while the heroes are merciful and wise in respect to their neighbours and in understanding higher spiritual values. Such films can help a new generation to preserve and develop original Kazakhstan culture, and to rethink the processes of the modern world in a new manner. in fact, nowadays we are all in search of new approaches to the solution of complex problems, such as the protection of the world, of democracy and human rights, of the struggle against poverty, the preservation of world heritage and the revival of spirituality, and the support of a steady development of mankind.

In conclusion, i should like to note that the General assembly of the united nations organization has singled out culture as the key element of its agenda in the field of development after 2015. In particular, the importance of a more noticeable and effective account of questions of culture in politics and a strategy in the field of development at all levels is emphasized. It is quite natural that cinema as a key component of cultural industries exercises a significant influence on universal economic growth, social development, stability and preservation of heritage.

I hope that the jubilee edition of the film festival Eurasia will be productive and will be a great success.