30 Years of Kazakh New Wave

In the mid-1980s, the Kazakh film classic generation of Majit Begalin, Sultan-Akhmet Khodjikov, Abdulla Qarsaqbayev passed the baton to young filmmakers, who made the experimentation with the form and substance the main method of their creative works.

The new pack of young film talent from this country became known to the world of international cinema under the name of the Kazakh New Wave (using an analogy with the French Nouvelle Vague) and received both global critical acclaim and attention of the leading international film festivals.

Many films by Darezhan Omirbayev, Amir Karakulov, Ardak Amirkulov, Serik Aprymov, Rachid Nougmanov and other directors now constitutes Kazakhstan’s cinematic treasure. After the collapse of the USSR, the Kazakh New Wave filmmakers became the independent Kazakhstan’s first auteur and arthouse cinema pioneers.

In the scope of the Eurasia Film Fest’s 10th anniversary, the Kazakh New Wave will officially celebrate its 30th birthday. Our special guest, Russian film director Sergey Soloviev, who formed many of the New Wave directors at his film directing course back then, will supervise the program.

The 30 Years of Kazakh New Wave celebrations will feature:

  • Retrospective screenings of the most prominent New Wave films
  • Master Classes
  • Open meetings with filmmakers, whose films are featured in the 30 Years of Kazakh Cinema program