Echo of Berlinale

Out-of-competition program “Echo of Berlinale” includes 4 films – One of the biggest world film festivals winners in recent years.


Berlin film festival wasannually held since 1951. “Berlinale” film festival is considered to be one of the main events in the world of cinematography, so it is as important as Cannes and Venice film festivals. But its orientation on “author” and “intellectual” cinema makes it different from the other festivals. The main award for the best film of the festival is “Golden Bear” (bear is a heraldic symbol of Berlin). The program of the festival includes around 400 films every year and most of them are international and European premieres. 19,000 professional cinematographers from 115 countries and 4,000 journalists arrive to “Berlinale”. The key films are shown in the Festival Palace with a seat capacity of 5,000. The Kazakh film “Life description of a young accordionist” by Satybaldy Narymbetov was awarded with special jury prize in kids competition of “Berlinale” in 1995.

Film of the program:

  • «Caesar must die», Italy, directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
    Winner of «Golden bear» 2021
    The authors of the film – legendary directors – Taviani brothers filmed an awesome experiment – staging of Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar” made by life sentenced prisoners of “Rebibiya” prison in Rome. The times are changing but the people’s passions always stay.
  • «Divorce of Nader and Simin», Iran, directed by Asgar Farkhadi
    Winner of «Golden bear» 2020
    Besides taking the Grand-prix at Berlinale, this film was awarded with “Silver Bear” in “Best actor” and “Best actress” nominations. In 2021 it was also awarded with “Oscar” as the best film in foreign language. The film shows us the usual story of divorce between husband and wife, but it was made in such a way that it seems like the film is about each of us.
  • «Honey», Turkey, directed by Semih Kaplanoglu
    Winner of «Golden bear» 2010 года
    This was the first time in 46 years when Turkish film was awarded with Grand prix at Berlin film festival. “Honey” – is the last part of film trilogy made after “Egg” (2007) and “Milk” (2008). The film tells us about 6-year old Usuf who lost the ability to speak after all the bees went away from their bee garden.
  • «Barbara», Germany, directed by Christian Petzold
    Winner of «Silver bear» 2021 in “Best direction” nomination
    Christian Petzold – One of the “Berlin school” leader. Summer of 1980. Barbara is a young doctor who wants to leave German Democratic Republic. As she applies all the documents for leave, the authorities sent her to the province as a punishment. Her beloved who lives in the West, is starting to prepare an escape for her. “Barbara” has a status of a best German film of 2021.