Cinema bridge: West

In “Cinema bridge: West-East” 4 Turkish films will be shown – those are the winners of International Film festivals and the Best films recognized in Turkey.

Turkish cinematographer is also on the rise today. The massive scale of the cinema appeared in new millennium, when the Turkish films started to gather around 3-4 mln. spectators. The best directors of art cinema who were arwarded at most prestigious film setivals of the world are Nuri Bilge Cheilan, Zeki Demirkubuz, Rekha Erdem, Semih Kaplanolu, Eshim Ustaoglu. Since 2003, the new legislation acts were issued to support home produced films, such as the “Act on approving, classification and supporting cinematography”. After this law has been passed the period of strict censorship was finished, and the cinematography goes to another level and accepts the international standards. In the country with 74,7 mln. inhabitants there were 70 feature films produced in 2020. The share of Turkish cinema on the National market equals to 50,7% - this is the highest share in Europe. 

The films of the program:

  • « Pandora's box», 2008, directed by Ye?im Ustao?lu
    The Grand Prix «Gold sink» of the film festival in San Sebastian, «Gold orange» at IFF in Antalia
    Ye?im Ustao?lu – an amazing female director, who is making the films which conquer the whole world. The idea of the film is simple, but it force the spectator tho think about the parents: when old mother starts to show symptoms of weak-mindedness, her dysfunctional family, despite the past conflicts, is forced to unite and take care of her.
  • «Shadows and faces », 2010, directed by Dervis Zaim
    The film was recognized as the best Turkish film of the year at the film festival in Ankara, and also as the best film by the association of Turkish film critics
    The film tells the story of the young girl who was separated from her father Karagoz, the actor of a shadow play at the very beginning of the conflict between Greeks and Turks in Cyprus in 1963.
  • "Cosmos", 2010, directed by Reha Erdem
    The prizes «Gold orange» at IFF in Antalia «The Best Director», «The Best Cinematography», «The Best Sound Mixing ». «Gold apricot» at IFF in Yerevan.
    The cosmos is a person who can make miracles. Having arrived to a small village where time is "stopped", he rescues the boy who drowned and everybody discover his magic abilities. The events in the film are spiraled around his unusual person.
  • "Ecotopia", 2020, directed by Y?ksel Aksu
    The film was recognized as the best Turkish film of 2021 at the  film festival in Ankara, and also won the prizes «The best director » and «The best scenario»
    The brilliant musical comedy that shows the color and richness of Turkish culture. The group of people, tired of the city life goes to the province to build the best «ecovillage», to develop tourism etc. However,  the innovations lead to the conflict with local people.