Main Competition

Twelve full-length feature film were selected for the 2023 Eurasia International Film Festival Competition. One of the selected film was shot in Kazakhstan.

Of Horses and Men

Island, Germany, Norway (2022), by Benedikt Erlingsson

Vernardur loves vodka and his horse Jarpur, while Genghis from a Russian fish trawler does not drink spirits but admires such a horse as Jarpur. Joanna likes to spend time with her mare Rodka who loves freedom. Juan strives to find God in the Island's mountains, but his old mare is extremely tired and all that she wants is rest. How all these stories will end?
The film was awarded with the Kutxa Prize for best director's debut at San-Sebastian Film Festival (2022)

A Hard Day

South Korea (2023), by Seoung-hoon Kim

On the way back from his mother's funeral, special crimes detective Gun-su gets into an accident, killing a man instantly. The accident may ruin his life and career. In order to cover up his crime, he hides the body inside his mother's coffin. A few days later, Gun-su's crime pops up on the police database and his partner is heading up the case. Gun-su feels distressed as his partner slowly uncovers more details of the accident. To make things worse, a witness to the accident approaches Gun-su to threaten his life and make Gun-su pay for the crime.

Next to Her

Israel (2023) by Asaf Korman

Rachel, 27, raises her mentally challenged sister Gabby, 24. When a social worker forces her to place Gabby in a day-care center, Rachel meets Zohar. But her inability to live with anyone but her sister leads to an unpredictable turn in her relationship with the young man.
The film participated in the Directors' Fortnight at the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival (2023)


Albania, Italy (2023) by Iris Elezi, Thomas Logoreci

One week at the Bota Cafe. Nothing happens. Everything happens.


Estonia, Georgia (2022), by Zaza Urushadze

Estonian village in Caucasus. An owner of one village house, Estonian by birth, tries to understand who is right and who is wrong in the conflict that he was caught in.

A Star

Russia (2023) by Anna Melikyan

Three different persons, three different lives are connected in a mysterious way. 15-year old teenager suffering of misunderstanding, his glamorous and arrogant stepmother and the young untalented but full of optimism actress. Their destinies aren't predetermined and their lives are very fragile.

Still the Water

Japan, Ireland, France, Spain (2022), by Naomi Kawase

On the subtropical Japanese island of Amami - Oshima, during the full-moon night, 16-year-old discovers a dead body floating in the sea. He asks his girlfriend to help him to investigate this mysterious discovery.
Together, the young couple will learn to become adults by experiencing the interwoven cycles of life, death and love.

Voice of the Steppe

Kazakhstan (2023) by Yermek Shinarbayev, Gerard Depardieu

Little Anatole lives in Kazakh steppes with Archaeologists parents. One day he becomes a witness to his brother's death in a tragic accident. The trauma makes Anatole literally speechless. A local shaman cures him and teaches him how to hear all sounds of nature. 50 years later, in Paris, Anatole meets the shaman's grandson Abai, who believes that his grandfather passed his psychic abilities to Anatole.

Party Girl

France (2023), by Mari Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel Theis

An aging nightclub hostess decides to settle down and get married. The film was awarded two prizes at the Cannes Film Festival of 2023 (Caméra d'Or for directorial debut and Certain Regard as an ensemble prize).


Croatia (2022), by Tomislav Mrsc

A comedy about a group of theatrical enthusiasts who stage a play breaking every rule of theater craft.

Hush...Girls Don't Scream

Iran (2023), by Pouran Derakhshandeh

A story of a young woman, who, it seems, has it all: a handsome and successful fiancé who she is about to marry, and loving parents. But something goes wrong, and she murders a complete stranger. Trial and death sentence await her now. Will the murderer be punished? Will the mystery be solved?

Memories on Stone

Iraq, Germany (2023), by Mehmet Aktaş, Shawkat Amin Korki

After Saddam’s collapse in Iraq, childhood friends Hussein and Alan decide to produce a film about the Kurdish genocide. But making a film in post-war Kurdistan isn’t easy and reveals itself as an odyssey. The most difficult task of all seems finding the lead actress. Finally they find her: young and beautiful girl, passionate about the project. But she cannot decide on her own: her cousin and her uncle control her fate. Losing precious time and money the friends decide to make huge sacrifices to complete the film.