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The round table about the cinema fund

The round table about the cinema fund with the co-director of the world cinema fund of the berlin film festival Vincenzo Bugno

Vincenzo BUGNO

The projects supported by World Cinema Fund, have, as a rule, successful festival history.

The fund was founded in 2004 by the Berlin film festival aimed to the support of mtheovies, "bearing in itself the innovative esthetic approach, telling strong stories and having unique art vision". Annually the fund awards some monetary prizes to the projects at a production stage. During fund existence the award was received by movies from different parts of the world who became subsequently winners of leading international film festivals. For example the movies: "Uncle Boonmee who remembers the antecedents" directed by Apitchatpon Virasetakun has won the "Golden Palm" of the Cannes film festival of 2010; " The Milk of Sorrow " directed by Claudia Llosa – "Golden Bear" of the Berlin film festival in 2009, the nomination to "Oscar" of 2010; "Paradise now" directed by Hany Abu-Assad – "The gold globe" 2006. the nomination to "Oscar" of 2006.

"Our work is a tremendous privilege. We deal with uncountable stories, the visual worlds. Thus we are very ambitious: we support strong projects with original art approach. And it works! " - describes the tasks of the Fund Vincenzo Bugno.