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Spotlight World Cinema Fund

During the 9 international film festival "Eurasia" will take place the screenings in out-of-competition program "Spotlight WORLD CINEMA FUND". Movies for this program were selected personally by Vincenzo Bunyo - the codirector of the World Cinema Fund which has the main goal to support perspective cinematographers from the countries rare presented at the world film festivals and forums.

The Hunter

Iran, Germany, 2010, 90 min.

Carrying out an act of revenge, a young man accidentally kills two policemen. He runs into a forest where he is arrested by two other officers. The three people are surrounded by trees. They are lost in a deserted place where it is very difficult to draw the line between the hunter and his victim.


Germany, Brazil, Spain 2020, 90 min.

Maria worries about her grandchildren, she goes into town to get her eyes checked, she chastises her husband’s ghost. All in all, it is the journey that is important here. Even at 80 years old, Maria is still living and still providing support for her family and friends. She is an endearing and lively character and her brisk, wholeheartedly delivered life lessons are as inspiring as they are pragmatic.


France, Philippines, Germany, Netherlands, 2009, 77 min.

Philippines, beginning of the 20th century. The sounds of war announce the arrival of the Americans. A mother and her son flee to the mountains in search for a quiet life. One day the son finds an injured woman in the wood and decides to bring her home. Years go by. The man, the woman and the child live far from the chaos which has seized the whole country. But an approaching storm threatens to destroy their peaceful life, and the American army come ever closer.

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

Thailand, Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, 2010, 114 min

Uncle Boonmee suffers from an acute kidney deficiency and decides to spend the rest of his days with relatives in the village. Here he meets ghosts of his dead wife and his son, and accepts them with winged embraces. Deliberating on the reasons of his illness Uncle Boonmee, together with his family, traverses the jungle and reaches a cave at the top of the mountain where his first life was born…


Mexico, Germany, 2022, 130 min.

Rafael has worked as a cleaner at the same factory for thirty years. It is his last day before retirement, but his boss literally pulls the rug from under his feet. Although Rafael has been a diligent and reliable worker, as an illegal immigrant from El Salvador he has no right to receive a pension in Tijuana…