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Days of Kyrgyz Cinema

The white ship

USSR, 1975, 100 min.

In the mountain forest reserve lives a boy, without friends, without mother and father. Old Momun replaces him his parents. He opens up to a boy the wonderful world of folk tales and legends. But the boy soon confronted with the cruelty of the world of adults. The head of the reserve Orozkul kills the Mother-Deer. He kills a symbol of goodness and justice, a fairytale of the boy, his dream of a better life. The boy dies in a mountain river being unable to protect his beautiful and fragile world.

The motherly field

USSR, 1967, 80 min.

Tolgonai – a great hard worker, a wise woman, a loving mother. Three sons and husband were killed during the Great Patriotic War. Her daughter-in-law died giving birth to a child from another man. But the courage and strength did not leave Tolgonai. This severe story is a hymn of friendship and unity of people. Tolgonai sacrifices everything for the good of the homeland and all the power of love transfers on a child, who’s a strange to her by blood. Her inner world is wide and powerful as the peasant fertile field – the maternal field of life.

The Red Apple

USSR, 1975, 80 min.

In his youth Temir fell in love with a beautiful stranger, but for a long time did not dare to open his feelings to her, secretly seeing her in the street. Once he gives the girl of his dreams red apple. The symbol of happiness, the last, the most delicious apple in the garden. But the young man in love encounters a misunderstanding and aversion… Temir lives a normal life, he has a family, a loving wife and beautiful daughter, he is a talented artist. But even after many years, he could not forget his first unrequited love.

The Snowstorming Substation

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan 1996, 90 min.

The film is based on the motives of Chinghiz Aitmatov’s novel “The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years”. The authors have rejected the legendary line of the plot. Aitmatov himself reacted very positively to this screen version: “The plot and the action correspond as much as possible to what is in the book, and the film is made in an almost documentary style”.