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Central Asian panorama

Salam, New-York!

Kyrgyzstan, 2022, 130 min.

Morning. Skyscrapers. Manhattan. Central Park. A guy is sleeping on a bench. He has come from Kyrgyzstan with the unshakable determination to realise his dream. This is his first night in America. He does not know yet that ahead of him lies a life in the stone jungle, full of difficulties and new opportunities, despair and hope, defeats and victories. The film is based on real events.


Azerbaijan, France, Russia 2022, 73 min.

Nijat lives abroad, but one day visits his childhood town Goychay. He is in financial difficulties and turns to his old family friend Ali with the pledge to help and sell his deceased father’s house. Ali, a construction foreman, anticipates a significant career boost and intends to relocate to Goychay, along with his wife and baby son. In the meantime, he lives at his boss’s house and develops a close friendship with him. During the three days it takes to find a buyer for Nijat’s house, everyone involved in the transaction will have to face moral and ethical questions they never had to confront before.


Kyrgyzstan, 2022, 103 min.

Dooron is a guy from a village, who – against the wish of his farmer-parents – enrols at the conservatoire to learn the kettle-drum. The city girl Farida also studies there, to be an opera singer, but she speaks no Kyrgyz. One day, the two young people are accidentally locked up in the college and have to spend the night there. During this encounter they develop feelings for each other. But the language barrier and the class difference become major obstacles in their relationship. If it had not been for…

Don’t Forget Me

Uzbekistan, 2022, 90 min.

A film about children in the bosom of nature, in a kishlak, where they experience for the first time feelings of love, jealousy, loss, and the indissoluble link to the roots. The little “actors”, with whom we genuinely empathize, play touchingly and authentically.

The Garden

Uzbekistan, 2021, 102 min.

The protagonist, Abdurahim, has taught history to schoolchildren for forty years. Having retired, he decides to wash off the guilt before his fathers and grandfathers, whom he called basmachi, never speaking of the victims of Soviet repressions. Therefore he decides to grow a big garden near the kishlak. Although his friends and children oppose this, Abdurahim refuses to surrender and continues what he has begun.