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IX “Eurasia” IFF workshops accrediatation

Workshops and master classes by famous guests of the festival – world’s leading filmmakers will be held within IX “Eurasia” IFF which will take place between September 16-21, 2022.

American film director and film producer Chuck Russell (“The Scorpion King”, “Eraser”, “The Mask”) will present Directing master class.

Renown American screenwriter and jury member of the IX “Eurasia” IFF David Franzoni will present Screenwriting master class.

Master class in film production is also expected to be held by special guest of the festival – American film producer Gianni Nunnari (“Immortals” , “300”, “Alexander”).

Influental French film critic and programmer of the San Sebastian Film Festival Matthieu Darras will conduct a screenwriters’ workshop for students and young film critics.  

One of the main functions of the “Eurasia” IFF is the development interntational coproduction. The program of the festival includes roundtables and panel discussions dedicated to contemporary film industry.

One of the initiators, project manager of the World Cinema Fund Vincenzo Bugno will conduct a roundtable dedicated to cinema funds. Since its establishment, WCF has awarded production and distribution funding to projects from all over the world. WCF-funded films are invited to major film festivals annually and receive major awards there. Roundtable will be attended by represantatives of world’s leading cinema funds and by film producers.

Accreditation to all events is open for arts students and filmmakers.

Accreditation is conducted by telephone. Dial the following phone numbers: +7(727) 302-16-42, +7 (727) 313-11-25, +7(727) 313-11-32

Workshops dates and venues will be announced later!