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The jury of the international competition


New Zealand writer and film director.

Date of birth:  April 30, 1954
Place of birth: Wellington, New Zealand
Nationality: New Zealand
Profession: film director, screenwriter, writer
Awards: "Silver lion" (1990), "Golden Palm" (1993), "Oscar" (1994)

She graduated from the university of the Queen Victoria in Wellington (1975) and Art college in Sydney (1979). One of the most well-known female directors in the world. Winner of prestigious cinema awards: "Golden Palm" of the Cannes film festival (1993), "A silver lion" Venice film festival (1990) and "Oscar" Award for the best original scenario (1994).

The filmography (in brief)

  • 1989 — Sweetie, the prize Georges-Sadoul, the prize of the Australian critics
  • 1990 — An Angel at My Table, based on the novel of Janet Frame; A silver lion of the Venice film festival
  • 1993 — Piano (music of Michel Nyman), Golden Palm of the Cannes film festival, "Oscar" Award for the best original scenario
  • 1996 — The Portrait of a Lady (based on the novel of Henry James)
  • 1999 — Holy Smoke (music of Angelo Badalamenti)
  • 2003 — In the Cutе (based on the novel of по роману Susanna Moore)
  • 2006 — The Water Diary
  • 2007 — To Each His Own Cinema — the episode « The Lady Bug »
  • 2009 — Bright Star (the biographic movie about John Keats, the Golden Palm nomination of the Cannes film festival)

Brillante Mendoza

Philippine film director, cameraman, producer.

Date of birth:  July 30, 1960
Birthplace: San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
Nationality: Philippines
Profession: director, artist, cameraman, producer
Awards: awards of the Cannes IFF as a best director and for the Best Dramatic Presentation (2009)

He graduated from Sacred Foma's Catholic university in Manila where he studied the  advertising art. Started as the commercial designer in theater, cinema and television. In 2005 he created the association of independent cinematographers Centerstage Productions (CSP). He taught the directing in Film academy of Busan. At the 62th Cannes film festival his movie " Kinatay" has won the best director award.

The filmography (in brief)

  • 2005: Masseur (Golden Leopard at the IFF Locarno)
  • 2007: Fantasy
  • 2007: Foster Child (prizes at IFF in Durban and Brisbane)
  • 2007: Slingshot (Caligari Film Prize at the Berlin IFF. Special Jury Prize at IFF in Marrakech, 2 prizes of Singapore IFF премия)
  • 2008: Serbis (the Golden Palm nomination of the Cannes IFF, Golden Kinnaree at the IFF in Bangkok)
  • 2009: Kinatay (Cannes IFF prizes for best director and best dramatic presentation)
  • 2009: Lola (Silver Lion nomination at the Venice IFF)
  • 2020: Captive (screened at Berlin IFF)

David Harold Franzoni

American script writer.

Date of birth: March 4, 1947
Nationality: USA
Profession: script writer

His most known scenarios include the scripts for movies "King Arthur", "Gladiator", "Amistad" and " Jumpin' Jack Flash".

The filmography (in brief)

  • 1986: Jumpin' Jack Flash (script writer)
  • 1997: Amistad (script writer)
  • 2000: Gladiator (script writer, producer)
  • 2004: King Arthur (script writer)


- Master of Sciences from Princeton University (USA) after Graduated first in France - Graduated from the Stanford Film Institute in Stanford University (USA) - Training assistant of François Truffaut on one of his film - Appointed Head of Cinematheque Française in Nantes from 1965 till 1977 - Teacher of History of Cinema and Script Writing in Higher classes in Cinema at University Level in Nantes 1987 till 2001 - Founder of the « Festival des 3 Continents » and its director from 1979 till 2008 - In many occasions missionned by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs as expert in Latin America, Arab and Middle East countries and also served there as consultant for film developpment and script doctor in number of projects. - Jury member in many international Film Festivals Worldwide. - Presently organizes internationaly script writing workshops for young students, International consultant for festivals.

Emir Baighazin

Kazakh actor and film director

Date of birth: 1984.
Nationality:     Kazakhstan
Profession: film director, actor, script writer

Emir Baigazin was born in Alga in the Aktobe Province of Kazakhstan. From 2002 to 2004 he studied at the acting school of the T. Akhtanov Aktobe Drama Theater, and in 2004 entered the Kazakh National Academy of Arts, with the specialty of film direction and cinema. In September 2007, he participated in the Busan International Film Festival, the Asian Film Academy (AFA). In February 2008, he was a member of the Berlin camp of young talent at the 58th Berlin International Film Festival in Germany. His short films have won the prizes at the international film festivals. The Harmony Lessons film project was presented for the first time at Open Doors film forum at the Locarno film festival in 2010. In e 2020 his project has won "The Kazakhstan market of film projects" and soon "Kazakhfilm" film studio named after Shaken Aimanov has started the shooting of his film

The filmography (in brief)

  • 2006 - Cheerful and offended (won the prize for the best director at the student film festival «Didar». Also the film participated at the student program of the film festival «Shaken’s Stars » (2007) and «Deboshir» (Saint-Petersburg, 2007)).
  • 2007 – Steppe (the film participated at the student program of the film festival «Shaken’s stars » (2007) and «Deboshir» (Saint-Petersburg, 2007)).
  • 2008 - Vesogonshyk. (film has won the grand-prix of Kazakhstan student film festival «Didar» (2008) and the special prize of IFF «Shaken’s Stars »).
  • 2022 – The harmony lessons (film has won the main prize at the market of film projects at the 18 international film festival in Sarajevo and «Silver Bear » for the outstanding artistic contribution at 63th Berlin film festival).