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Cinema bridge: East

In “Cinema bridge: East-West” 3 Greek films – winners of International Film festivals – will be shown.

In spite of economic crisis, Greece nowadays is at the rise of art house cinema. The evidence of this fact is the awards at the most prestigious film festivals in Cannes, Venice, Karlovy Vary, taken by such directors as Afina Cangari, Yorgos Lantimos, Panos Kutrasa and Babis Markidis. Greek cinema has a new style of rapidly changing and thoroughly though out films that meet the modern requirements. The new generation of Greek cinematographers puts in doubt the current state of things and is calling to the necessity of self-expression. These directors make films from nothing, operating with passion, in order to make their low budget films well-known worldwide. In 2020, there were 25 feature films made in Greece that has a population of 11,3 mln. people. The share of Greek cinema on its market is 11%.  

Films of the program:

  • «Fangs», 2009, directed by Giorgos Lanthimos
    Grand-prix of “Special look” program in Cannes. “Oscar” nominee from Greece in 2010.
    The journalists named it as the “Brightest event of cinematography” – an allegory of any State structure, a system of society formation, although the film tells about the life of on family. A mother, a father and 3 children live in house surrounded with high fence. The grown up children know the principal law of the family: “You can not leave the house until your right fang will fall out”.
  • «Pelican», 2020, directed by Olivier Horlait
    French-Greek film with Emir Kusturica starring.
    This is a colorful children’s film showing the atmosphere of traditional Greece with the sea, yachts and green hills. The participation of Emir Kusturica took the film to the international level. After the wife dies the husband refuses to go out and he doesn’t want to socialize with this only son. One day the boy finds a small pelican and decides to leave it with him. The pelican helps him to return his father and get him back to life. 
  • «L», 2020, directed by Babis Markidis
    Participant of competition programs in Sundance, Rotterdam an Seattle
    A manifest-film. The main character lives and works in his car. He even celebrates his son’s birthday in the car. One day he becomes jobless, so he crashes his car and joins a group of bikers who protests not only against the cars but also against the bourgeois class who let the country suffer from crisis.