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General regulations to the 9th edition of “Eurasia” international film festival


The Festival is accredited within the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) which is in charge of supervising international film festivals as competitive festival, specialized on films produced in Eurasia continent.

Format – competitive

Competitive, full-length feature films. Participants – countries of Central Asia, CIS, Europe and Asia.

The goal of the festival

"Eurasia" film festival is organized in order to develop an international collaboration, cultural exchange & film industry relationships between the film-makers of Europe and Asia.


  • To support the already formed image of Kazakhstan as a cultural and cinematographic leader in Central Asian region;
  • To strengthen the cooperation with the international cinema community especially in the areas of distribution of the Kazakhstan films, coproduction and promotion of the Kazakh films for the international film festivals and film markets.
  • Kazakhstan is occupying geopolitically and economically significant place on the map connecting West and East, so does our film festival.

"Eurasia" is an original cultural and cinema bridge between Europe and Asia;

  • To represent & promote the best achievement of the Kazakh cinema in a wide range of new technological opportunities;
  • To establish business relations between producers & distributors from European & Asian countries;
  • To spread the information about the cultural and cinematographic life of Kazakhstan among foreign mass media;
  • To develop interest & patriotic feelings for the Kazakh cinema by the Kazakh film audience;
  • To inform and show to the Kazakhstan moviegoers best new films that won prizes at international film festivals.

Slogan of the festival


Organization of festival

"Eurasia" International film festival is accredited by FIAPF and is carried out by the General Direction of the "Eurasia" International film festival (further - Direction) under the aegis of  Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Kazakhfilm” JSC named after Shaken Aimanov with the support of the Kazakhstan Cinematographers Union.

Program of the festival

  • International Competition of full-length feature films from Europe and Asia and (2021-2022) – 12 films
  • Out-of-competition program THE DAYS OF KYRGYZ CINEMA – 4 films from Kyrgyzstan
  • Out-of-competition program THE DAYS OF RUSSIAN CINEMA – 7 films from Russia
  • Central Asian panorama – 5 films 
  • Dynamic Kazakh cinema (2021-2022) – 8 films
  • Cinema Bridge: East – out-of-competition retrospective program of Brillante Mendoza (Philippines) – 3 films 
  • Cinema bridge: West – out-of-competition retrospective program of Jane Campion (New Zealand) – 2 films
  • Special screenings of Kazakhstan films - the winners of International film festivals – 6 films.
  • Parallel events -  panel discussions, Q&A, master classes, press-conferences.

Screening format


The full-length fiction films completed in 2021-2022 can participate in the competition program of the "Eurasia" film festival.

No less than 12 films will participate in the competition program.

Only films made in 35 mm (optical soundtrack) and DCP may participate in the International Competition program.
The prints of the films selected for the competition program of the Festival shall be received by the General Direction no later than September 1st, 2022.

The selected films must have subtitles in English or Russian languages.

Other programs

For other Festival programs the films might be selected in their original formats - 35 mm or Betacam, DVD, HD and other digital formats.

The prints of the films selected for other programs of the Festival shall be received by the General Direction no later than September 1st, 2022.

Festival languages: English, Kazakh or Russian.

Responsibilities of parties

No film selected for one of the Festival’s programs may be withdrawn after the official confirmation of the participation.

Each film may be screened up to a maximum of 3 times during the Festival.

It is necessary to adhere to all terms and conditions set by the organizing committee, otherwise the General Direction of the "Eurasia" International film festival has the right to exclude the film from the Festival’s program.

Submission rules

The film is officially submitted for the selection with the official Festival EntryForm filled and DVD screener sent with the subtitles in English or Russian languages no later than August 1st, 2022.

The selection of films for the "Eurasia" International film festival is made by the Selection Committee which will finish the selection by September 1st, 2022.

After receiving the confirmation of film selection, the authors of films must sent the confirmation of the participation and the following documentation to the General Direction of the "Eurasia" film festival:

  • Subtitle cue sheet (dialogue - list) in English or Russian Languages;
  • Synopsis, promotion materials, press-materials;
  • Submission for the catalogue (information regarding the film's creators, photos including photo of the director, stills from the film etc.).

Transportation and insurance of film prints

The costs of transportation of the competitive films and selected films for other Festival’s programs to Almaty as well as their return will be paid and covered by the invitation party.

The sender of a film copy has to inform the General Direction of the means of shipment, as well as to submit the airway bill details and tracking number by fax or by e-mail.

The invitation party is responsible for the costs of storage and insurance of films, included in the Festival’s programs..

Participants of competition program

Participation in the competition program of the "Eurasia"  film festival provides for the essential presence of one or two film representatives (director, actor/actress, producer).

The invitation party is responsible for the travel and accommodation expenses of the film’s representatives.

Guests of the festival

The conditions of the Festival’s guests will be stipulated by the General Direction in their personal invitations.

Requests for the accreditation of the guests of the festival shall be received by the General Direction no later than August 20th, 2022.


The competition films will be judged by the International Jury.

The General Direction of the "Eurasia" film festival is responsible for travel and accommodation Expenses of the International Jury members.

No person who has participated in the production or promotion of any film selected for the Competition may serve in the Jury.


Juries define owners of awards on following nominations of  the "Eurasia"film festival:

  • Grand prix for the best film $ 20,000 (is given to the producer of a film)
  • The prize to the Best Director $ 10,000
  • The prize to the Best Actor $ 5,000
  • The prize to the Best Actress $ 5,000

Prize-winners are expected to attend the closing ceremony.

Final provision

Participation in the Festival implies the complete adherence to the general regulations. The General Direction of the "Eurasia" film festival has a right to settle all the matters not pointed out in this General Regulations according to the articles of the FIAPF Film Festival International Regulation.

Address and contacts

General Direction of the "Eurasia" film festival

176, Al-Farabi Ave., 050023 Almaty, Kazakhstan

Tel./Fax: + 7-727-313-11-20

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web-site: www.eurasiaiff.kz